October 3, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

I never thought I'd be doing this blogging thing...But with encouragment from my daughter that kept telling me I should do it.... I decided to give it a try!...I will be posting about my adventures as a mom of a 18 year old that just started college and my starting over with my 22 month old{no empty nesting here for a long time!..love it!!}....They both keep me running!!

I also manage to do my primitve decorating...As all primitve decorators all know it is an addiction!.... And if I go too many days without decorating, reading primitive blogs, or working on my x-stitching I can get pretty cranky!!!!..

So be sure to check back...I'm going to be adding house pics soon of my Fall decorating...Have a great weekend!!!...



Lori said...

This is wonderful Jen! I love everything..and the picture is so beautiful. I am proud of you and I am thrilled you are doing this. I know I will be enjoying it!! Can't wait to see your Fall decorating pics too! :)
Hugs, Annie

Tay. said...

make sure you add a shout out to your wonderful and TALENTED daughter for all she has done for you on here... i think i deserve an ice cream :]

love you.