October 7, 2008


Taylor says she had a near life experience today...It was scary!!!...It is a terrible fear when your children need you and you can't get to them....Let me back up to yesterday when Taylor took the lizard out on the back deck ....She kept wanting me to look at it...I wanted no part of it!!!..She had Luke out there for a while before coming in and leaving it on the porch railing all night...This afternoon she decided to go check on it and of course took Luke with here...She was out there no longer than 20 seconds when I heard her crying and screaming...I ran to the door and something told me it was a snake...She was frozen in place and I couldn't open the door because the snake was right in front of the door...She had walked over it when she walked out...I kept telling her to back off the porch...She wouldn't because the snake was finally going through a crack between the house and the deck..She was afraid it would come out from under the deck....After what seemed like eternity she made a run for the door that I had open by that time....She collapsed in tears and she just sobbed...It took both of us time to calm down!!!

Several months ago Tim found a snake skin in the garage....A LONG one!!!...I had been going in and out of the garage a hundred times that day trying to organize my craft supplies and then he comes in and tells me what he'd found...He had found it right in front of the door...Needless to say I don't spend time out there unless it's to run and grab something and run back...Until the other night when I decided I NEEDED my antique ironing board...Tim had been out there organizing and I no longer could see it from the window looking into the garage...Well, I went and drug it out from behind some stuff...Thank goodness no signs of a snake...But I still don't trust that it is gone like Tim says it is...And we're having a yard sale next weekend and we need to get stuff cleaned out and priced...I think I'll be moving stuff with a broom handle!!ha!....

This is a wooden bowl I have in my kitchen..
I love these faux candy corns!!!!...I got them
last year while antique shopping with my
sister, Heather...

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Lori said...

Okay Jen..you can even beg me but I am NOT coming to your house! I hate snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL..Lori