January 9, 2013

Good evening friends!...I just added some new offerings for this new year on my selling blog....I'm going to be adding new things as I get them made....I'm looking forward to stitching alot of patterns I have had for years and haven't stitched...That is my goal this year anyway...lol...I hope to finish another one this weekend that i'm just in love with... 

Hopefully we will be doing another demolition project in the late spring or summer months after Upward sports is over...Upward is just now starting for the basketball season and Tim is the director over it, so he won't have any time for much else til April....So, in the mean time I'm going to see what I can get made during these months...I'm also wanting to stencil...I just haven't decided where and what yet..

I'm thinking that my blog needs updated and changed a bit also...Hmmm!! We'll see! :)

From the Farmhouse~~hugs,Jen 


My Maine Blog said...

Hello...I just joined your site and just finished reading your profile and wow it is amazing the common threads that we share with others without even knowing. After I finished I knew that I had to reach out to you.

I too am battling Cancer...was diagnosed 3 years ago with Leukemia and it is so nice to hear and to see others that have such a great survival rate and you obviously have beat it. How great that feeling must be. You mentioned that you were from Nashville and that is another thread that we connect with. My daughter relocated there almost ten years ago and is living in Germantown and she loves it there. Yes, of course she is a professional singer so she fit right in from day one. We love to visit her....it is such a beautiful city and someday, like you, I would like to move there to be closer to her and to be able to see her perform more often. I love your primitives on your blog and my house is filled with lots of them too. I hope you will come and take a look at my blog and join if you wish. I am new to all of this so I'm just learning the ropes so to speak. So thank you for sharing your lovely blog...goodnight, Kathy

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hi Jen,

I'm on my way to check out your selling blog! Winter is a good time for crafting and working on projects! I hope you get lots done!


Anonymous said...

I love looking at your work..I am now off to see your selling blog..Have a wonderful rest of the week..