September 12, 2010

No pictures...Just a quick post!...I was just wondering what everyone is going to be doing this week???...I just got 3 totes of Fall stuff down... Even though the temps are still in the mid 90's with no drop in temps to be seen anytime soon, Fall is going to start appearing....I'm fixing to pull some of my wax items out and my vines....Then when I get all my huge totes out I'm going to start weeding through some items and may be offering them on here if anyone has an interest....We'll see!

I'm working on finishing up orders in the next few days and mailing patterns out tomorrow to the ones that have paid...I got them packaged up today....

Then I have MANY Fall items I want to start working on...And for some reason I'm already thinking Christmas...Yep, I said it!...CHRISTMAS!....I just finished up a simple long Christmas bowl sampler in blues, and beiges and backed in a blue reproduction print....And I'm thinking about a set of ornaments/bowl fillers in blues and a set in reds....

I'm also planning on a Christmas sampler that I really need to start on soon...I'm thinking a big red saltbox....Bigger than my 12" x 12" size sampler...So, I guess I better get busy!!!..You think?!? 

So what are you doing this week????

~~hugs, Jen


Susannah said...

Hi Jen...I am patiently waiting to see the Christmas things that you are working on. Your work is wonderful.


tarrah said...

Hey Jen...can't wait to see all your decorations and see your new stitcheries!
This week I am working on finishing up my fall decorating, and getting ready for a large craft fair with the pottery. I am also slowly working on my bedroom re-do....all fun stuff!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Hi Jenn, your Christmas goodies sound great. I am always thinking about Christmas. It seems to come faster & faster each year!

I am trying to wait to decorate for Fall until the end of this month. I hope this horrible heat is over by then, but I doubt it. I can hope, though!

Have a happy week!