November 10, 2008

We have been all sick this past weekend!!....Actually it all started last Monday when Taylor went to pick Luke up and he threw up all over her...And I mean ALL over her!!...She says it was the single most tramatizing experience of her life..ha!...As a mother I hope it is the worse she ever experiences...I think too it was pretty upsetting to Luke...Bless his heart!!...He's never been sick before...And Taylor was screaming for me like she had been shot....I ran in there not knowing what to expect.....I know it took a few years off of me!!!....ha!

So, he was sick with a stomach virus...He didn't really feel well all week...Then on Friday I picked Taylor up from school and headed into South Carolina to get a order of x-stitch patterns I had ordered...I felt fine all that time and on the way home and then IT hit me..I started aching and every nerve in my body hurt...I got Luke down for his nap and I layed down...I was in pain!!...It felt like my chemo treatments use to..It even hurt to walk....I was pretty miserable all night!!...Then on Saturday morning Taylor comes to my bed crying that she was hurting all over...Oh!!...Here we go!!!...She also had a bad headache..Thank goodness I never did..Of course my head was the only thing that wasn't hurting...She cried and moaned all day...Then she was throwing up.....Later that night she was calling me and when I went to check on her she said she was feeling better..Thank Goodness!!...We both still felt bad today and she even missed her sorority meeting to rest...We sat and watched a movie together this afternoon while Luke slept and Tim had a deacon's meeting at church...I hope the week is better!!!...Busy!..Busy!...No time for being sick!!!

I wanted to show you two more pictures I found in the garage several weeks ago while going through boxes of decorating stuff...We've been in this house 7 months and I'm still going through things in the garage...But that is how it is when you have a toddler..Not enough hours in the day!!...But it will eventully get done!!...Someday!!...Ha!..

Oh, I did add a photoshow of past Christmases at our old house we sold....We had ten Christmases there...So if you're in the mood for Christmas then check them out....I will put new pictures on when I decorate this new house for Christmas....Have a good Monday!!.......Jen

UPDATE!!!.....We're "all" home today still sick on this Monday!!..UGH!!...Except Luke...He's better it seems...But on a brighter note~my primitive Christmas tree arrived!!!!...Yeah!!!......Jen


pammikins said...

Oh, I feel so badly that the stomach flu has been to your house. As a mom it's so hard to see your kids sick and then for you to get sick too, poor thing! I pray that soon you are all germ free and back to normal. Sending good things your way! pam

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Thank you Pam!!...It's a Monday morning and ALL of us are home together...Still sick!....hugs,Jen

Farmhouse Blessings said...

I'm so sorry that you're all sick. My heart goes out to you. It is so hard when little ones are ill. Wishing you good health very soon!


Farmhouse Blessings said...

Forgot to say hat I love your stitched pieces!


Something Nice and Pretty said...

I hope you are all feeling better today, I know it's know fun.

Your pictures that you found are so neat for Thanksgiving:)

I veiwed your Christmas in your other house, just wonderful, has a magazine ever been in touch with you? You should contact Twigs at Mercantile magazine...that's how great I think you home is:0

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

OH I hope you all feel better soon!