November 6, 2008

Hi everyone!...As you can tell I redid my blog layout...I also changed the halloween music to two songs that are VERY close to my heart!!!!... Being a MOTHER and CANCER SURVIVOR~~ who IF it had been God's plan would not be here right now....So if you get a chance listen to these two songs...They ALWAYS bring a tear to my eyes!!!..So you MIGHT want to grab a kleenex or two or ten!!!...Good evening my friends!!...hugs,Jen


~Judy~ said...

Hi Jen! I noticed your blog layout right away. It looks great! I just LOVE your shaker boxes. Did you make them? If you bought them can you tell me where you got them. The colors are perfect. I would love to know how to do them for myself. Have a great rest of the week ( get lots of stitching done!)



Sandy said...

Hi Jen...I love the picture you have posted on your Prim!

I am one who already cries so easily and have been feeling very low but when my spirits are higher I will listen to your songs. If you say they will make you cry...I know I will.


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Hi Judy!...Thank you!!...Yes, I made the boxes..They are paper mache boxes...I have them all over the house...Did you see the ones I have in my work space that I posted a couple weeks ago?..Those are my colors!!...Email me..the link is the little house on my blog!...hugs,Jen

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Thank you Sandy!...It is the arrangement that I had on my computer cabinet in my old house that we sold...The arrangement that I use to have for my header is the one I have on it now...Bless your heart!!..I hope you feel better about things soon!!!!....A big hug to you!!!...Jen

Unknown said...

I told you the polka dots looked good!
Don't doubt my design skills :]

love you!