April 5, 2018

Part 6......Last summer

So here is our little house as of summer 2017...The willow tree has grown and has to be trimmed several times during the season to keep it this size...It grows soooo fast! I did what I said I wasn't going to do...Lantana was planted in place of the shrubs...I still fear snakes as we have found baby snakes and grown snakes in that area each year...When I walk outside, I walk fast and I'm always eyeing the ground...It looks beautiful cascading over the rock wall...The red is 2 rose bushes that gets covered by the lantana...I may end up moving them to the back yard...We have talked about some kind of carriage lighting on each side of the garage...That will be another project...I will be sure to share if we do it...I want a tin roof someday...I want to redo the little porch area with pavers and do a stone walkway maybe....I want to talk Tim into doing the driveway in pavers like a Charleston street...lol...We will see...lol...In the meantime! This is our little farmhouse/ Charleston carriage house....Next time, I will start sharing the side yard and back yard!

From The Farmhouse~~Jen


LaNelle said...

So much beauty what a wonderful home you & hubby have created ....thank you for sharing I’ve so enjoyed the journey 😘

Jessica said...

I love seeing transformations! Your garage looks amazing with the faux details, does not look faux at all. I love everything you've done! We're getting ready to redo our house inside and out. It is very overwhelming!

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Jen - well I need to get on with it and read 1 - 5 don't I LOL
You have such a pretty home - and love how things are flowering. We have so much shade it doesn't pay to plant anything....plus black walnut trees in 2 neighbors yards that effect areas around it...like our yard! Lots of things won't grow because of them.