May 22, 2014

Our new faux carriage house door.....

 Only 1 more day of school and marking off another "to do" on our list...We have wanted to do this for several years and I'm so glad we have finally accomplished it....Tim made the hardware at work and the faux windows...My heart just sings as i pull up to our little carriage house in our cul-de-sac...Our little house now has much needed curb appeal...We are working at getting all the front done this summer...New shutters with colonial hardware, a colonial lamp post where the sidewalk and driveway meets, accent lighting and a few spotlights, the 3' x 5' flag Tim has made from tin, a brick porch, etc....I will share as we go along...Lots to get done before Upward soccer starts in August and then weekend projects will be harder to get to...I will share, so you can follow along with us!

From the Farmhouse~~~~ (hmmmm!! Or maybe the little carriage house)~~ hugs, Jen


Elisha said...

Wow.i really makes a difference to the look!!!! I am so keeping this in mind bc I need to paint our doors soon! can you get your husband to motivate my husband on curb appeal work?!?!:)

bayrayschild said...

Oh Jen, It really looks beautiful!


Penny said...

It looks great, Jen!! I look forward to following along on your journey of re-do's!!

Unknown said...

That's the spirit. Those are certainly great images. I love how you played the pastel colors and symmetry. Nothing like a good batch of shutters on the windows. They dress up the house real good by knocking out the look of the threadbare. Great!

Greg Arnett @ Sunburst Shutters Arizona

My Colonial Home said...

Morning my friend,
I'm finally getting around to my friends! Yippeee

Oh Jen I just love your work ( as you sent me some, remember? )
Such a talent.

Love, love those garage doors!!