September 19, 2013

Fall Is In The Air!!

Hello My Friends!!! The last time I posted the cupcakes i felt it coming on...Yes, the dreaded allergies that turned into a bad cold...I'm just now feeling better...I always expect it this time of the year when soccer season starts, but usually not til I'm out at the first game...Well, it hit the weekend before and we have all been feeling pretty lousy...I spent mornings taking Luke to school, walking him in, coming home, and going back top, I was pretty miserable.

Today is an early release day and soccer pictures this evening, so I'm keeping a close eye on the clock and working on laundry to get the soccer uniform and coach shirt freshly washed...Then I have to get my wares finished for tomorrow's Primitive Handmades Mercantile...It would be nice to talk Luke into an afternoon nap, but no chance in that!! lol First graders don't take naps! :)

We have had 3 mornings...Yes! Three mornings of cooler temps and felt like a bit of fall...And then yesterday I saw pumpkins at Walmart and gorgeous mums....So, maybe! Just maybe! My autumn totes might appear even though the temps will be in the high 80's during the days...I will take that instead of the 90's from last week and previous weeks...

Have you started your Fall decorating yet?

Off to get more things done before going to get Luke for early release day....

Have a wonderful day!

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen


candice said...

I have started decorating ..about 3 weeks ago lol! Hope you feel better and yes 80s is better than the 90s!

~Sara said...

I know how you feel, the temps here in Northern California have been so unreal. We have had triple digits most of the time, but 2 days ago it dropped down and we had a breeze, it was such a nice relief. It just doesn't feel like fall when it is so hot. Hope you feel better soon and get a little relief. Blessings~Sara

Unknown said...

Yupper! Started decorating! I finally got over the allergy to cold thing, but it is slowly making its way through my class of 20 fifth graders. Fun times!

Ahhh, fall soccer! Love it!


Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Jen, I know all about those allergies, been having problems also, been loving the cooler weather though, can't wait for it to really cool off. Can't wait to see your house all decked out for fall, just love your decorating. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I always enjoy your visit. Take care, Vicky