April 12, 2010

I wanted to share the little ladies I got from Lisa (Black Sheep Prims Homeplace blog) several months ago...They are a wonderful addition to my collection of black primitive dolls!

And Yeah for Phil!!!...I was so excited to see him get his 3rd green jacket...And that Amy was able to be there..It had been reported that she hasn't been to any of his golf tournaments in the last 11 months since undergoing chemo and radiation treatments...She did come to Augusta and had been resting in bed all week...What a tender moment between them when Phil came to her and held her...And then if you looked really close you could see tears come down Phil's face as he held her...What a moment!!!...God gives us moments of happiness in our storms of life!!.. This was a big moment of happiness for Phil after the emotions of dealing with his wife and mom having cancer this past year...I pray for many more moments of happiness in their lives as they weather this storm!...And I pray that there is a big rainbow at the end with many many years of happiness for them....

So as the golf world once again leaves us for another year it ended perfect in my eyes!!!

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen


Anonymous said...

I love your dolls, I have a couple of Lisa's dolls - I LOVE them! I just picked up a Country Sampler last night, I so enjoyed looking at your beautiful home! Tell me about your pantry boxes.. I would like to get some!

Dan said...

I love your dolls! What a wonderful story! I do not follow golf, but I am glad that he won and was able to share this moment of happiness with his wife! I hope you are having a great Monday!


Homestead Wares said...

LOVE the dolls BUT I have to say Abigail is my favorite!!!

basketsnprims said...

Love the dolls, I have an abigail, she is one of my favorites. I was happy Phil won too & it was so wonderful his wife could be there. She is certainly in my prayers.
Have a great week, Jen.
hugs ~

Sharon said...

So exciting to see your home in Country Sampler!
I am happy Phil won too!

My Colonial Home said...

Your dolls are awesome...they look like Jackie Smith designs...I have a couple.

We watched the Masters too and saw those moments.


carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Jen, I so agree with you! I don't follow golf very much, but caught that on several news channels. What a wonderful time for Phil to win. It is so evident how much he lovs his wife and I surely wish them the best.
So glad that it is not as hot as last week! I'm ready for a happy medium with the weather. We always tend to go from icy cold to blistering hot! UGH!
Hope you have a happy week!

~Judy~ said...

Hi Jen, love the dolls that Lisa made and also the long sampler pillows behind them.

hugs, Judy