September 13, 2009

Hi everyone!...I hope you had a restful Sunday!....I have a new Halloween offering on my selling blog...So go check it out!!

Also the month of October is my birthday and my one year blogging anniversary, so I'm making plans for a giveaway....More on that as it gets closer...I better get to stitching!!!

Until next time!!!~~hugs, Jen


Unknown said...

Although I don't celebrate Halloween...I love your stitcheries!

Did I hear a giveaway soon?!....GOODIE GOODIE GUMDROPS!

Doreen Frost said...

Your offerings are so great. LOVE them all.


A Bit of Colour said...

Great stitchery!

stefanie said...

hi, i just found you, what a beautiful blog, i thought i was looiking at a picture of my kitchen table in your previous post.