June 9, 2009


I was on a blog recently that is redoing her kitchen or buying light fixtures...I can't quite remember...I had it bookmarked and since moving to mozilla I have yet to get it all figured out...Anyway...Now I can't find it!!!!....She had a website for artisan crafted lighting to click on where some light fixtures had been purchased...Does anyone remember which blog or the website?????....They were artisan crafted...it might be a blog where someone is redoing their kitchen or bathroom...Please HELP!!!!!..I had found some chandeliers on there I wanted!!!!

HELP!!!!!......And then go on down and read my previous post from today and last night....~~~~Jen


Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Haven't seen that one but wish I could help! Must be so exciting to have your home in the Country Sampler magazine! WOW!
Jennifer Dalenberg
North Georgia mountains

basketsnprims said...

Try Kath from old weeping cedar ~ she's redoing in a major way & she posted some links the other day & I know she got new lighting. good luck.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Sure wish I could help you. Can't wait to see your home in the magazine! How exciting! Dawn

•♦•©The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

I posted a link to Irvin's
for lighting fixtures a while back, not sure if that's it or not?? Sorry... I don't remember seeing any others.

Good Luck!


Lee Hill Primitives said...

I think it was Irving's.Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, here is some more information on bathroom lighting fixtures.

Barb said...

Jen, here's a link to where I purchased a fixture: http://www.handcrafted-artifacts.com/INDEX.htm. But, I don't know if this is the one you're looking for.


schutt6 said...

Jen...I think you're lookin for the place Barb listed...really good prices and made in America :-)

Barb said...

Here's the link to the Old Weeping Cedar blog: http://weepingcedarhollow.blogspot.com/2009_04_01_archive.html. Her hanging lights are from Irvine's. The style of light she shows isn't offered by Handcrafted Artifacts, but if you're looking to save "a lot" of money, you might want to reconsider your choice and go with something Handcrafted Artifacts makes. They really do offer a good product at a fantastic price and in a timely manner. Barb

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Hi Jen,
I just recieved my punched tin light for over my sink yesterday and I love it, I felt the price was right $79.95 plus 15.00 for shipping, I didn't think that was to bad and I ordered it from the Irvin's great customer service!
Have a great day!