April 13, 2009


Happy Monday!!!...Have I told you that I love Mondays???...I don't know why!...Most people grumble at the mere mention of Monday....Definitely if I had to go out to work then I'd feel differently...I just love the start of another week God has given me...It's a chance to clean the house from a busy weekend with everyone being home...I like doing the laundry and organizing...The next thing to tackle is the garage before it gets hot weather...I want to get rid of things I couldn't last year after the move...I was too attached to items that I'd had for years in our other house...I have now bought new items that fit this house better and that fit the look I'm trying to achieve...

Now to the question my sweet husband asked me...When is it complete???...When is the house finally finished??...When has enough primitve items been bought???....I think I felt light headed when he asked that....When do you watch your last ballgame???...buy your last ball cap???....Eat your last meal???....As I thought about it I guess it is NEVER complete!!!...Not completely....There will always be some little something that we just HAVE TO HAVE for just that look we want...We grow tired of stuff and need new....Let's just say what it is... it's an addiction!!!...There are some pieces that I have my eye on and must have...Just to COMPLETE my look!!!...HA!...Has your husband ever asked you something similar????...

Ok here are some items I brought home from my trip....And let me say it was a challenge because Myrtle Beach ISN'T prim capital of the world by any means...I found one...I mean 1 little craft/antique mall...But wouldn't you know that I found something that I've always wanted...I added the candle....The whole thing measures 12 inches tall...It is a huge candle holder for $12.00.... I haven't decided where to put it, but I will let you know!

And then some wooden chimes for $2.79...I've got them hanging here in the laundry room til Tim gets them put outside...Every shop we went into that had chimes I would ring all of them for Luke and we loved the sound of these...I have chimes that hang on the front porch that Tim bought me the Christmas I finished up chemo and radiation...I remember lying in bed and listening to the sweet sound and thinking of angels when I felt so bad...So I think I would like these on the back porch to enjoy or outside my kitchen window....

And a blue agate necklace...It goes perfectly with my blue lapis southwest jewelry I buy off of QVC.....And hold onto your seat!!!...It was a whopping $2.25.....HA!

Then on the way home we stopped by Hobby Lobby in Aiken, SC...Just let me say it was WAY OUT of our way....I wanted to get some big paper mache boxes, but they were 50% off and practically wiped out....I did manage to come home with 3 of the paper mache eggs....Maybe now that Easter is over I might find all the paper mache eggs I already had that I haven't been able to find since the move a year ago...You know how that goes!!...I will let you know if and when I find them!!

I did find some fabric....I love blues and browns....

And then I found these!!...Yeah!..I was going to make me some of these and now I don't have to....2 big ones and 3 smaller ones....How cool is that???...Ok are you sitting down???....The big ones were $2.99 and the small ones were $1.99...I will let you see what I do with them and where I put them at a later post...
Well, that is it for now!...Next time I will show you some awesome new items I've gotten in the mail and maybe share some news with you....Until next time!!....hugs,Jen


basketsnprims said...

I don't think our homes are ever "complete", like you said there is always one or two more things we just have to have. I love your new candleholder and cant't wait to see what you do with the wooden boxes. Have a great week.

~Judy~ said...

Hey Jen, looks like you hit the jackpot at Hobby Lobby. I keep reading about that store. We don't have one here in Maryland. I wish we did...everybody keeps telling about all the great sales they have. Can't wait to see how you finish all your new things.


Sandy said...

You got yourself some really nice things. I can't wait to see the wooden boxes completed.


WoolenSails said...

Looks like you had a nice trip and got lots of goodies.
I am always looking for prim candles. We have a good store here that has the real hand forged ones, but the price to go with them;)


Robby said...

Love the wooden goodies....can't wait to see what you do with them.

So did you ask Tim all of the questions???...lol Silly, funny man...doesn't he know about the addiction yet?


•♦•©The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Hi Jen,
LOL...silly hubby! ;)
I honestly think by now, they should KNOW this is an addiction!!!

Love your goodies, great deal on those boxes!!!

Have a happy day!

Lisa said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the wood boxes. I love them and they have such great potential. I agree with you... our homes are never complete (lol).

Where do you stay when you go to Myrtle Beach? We normally stay at Oceans Creek which is right across from Barefoot Landing, but we have been wanting to try something different this year.

Christine said...

I see a trip to Hobby Lobby in my future! lol Those prices are awesome! I KNOW my house is not near being complete- and I would like to think that if mine looked like yours, I would think it was...not likely though! lol There IS always something else on horizon waiting to be bought :o) Husbands should just know this! lol

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I think of my home as a living breathing entity so it is never done - just lke I am not! LOL
My inlaws live right outside Myrtle beach and you are right - there is NOTHING prim to be found. You did good finding the candle holder. I have seen it in many prim homes and I always loved it.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your boxes!!

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Jen - love all your treasures and love the necklace - what a beautiful shade of blue.

I have a lamp with the same base as your candle holder...I like the looks of it with just a candle!

Wonderful picks.

kathy said...

Love your new goodies...I have that exact candle too!
Great find on those wooden boxes, can't wait to see what you do with those :-)
Happy to hear you enjoyed your trip to Myrtle Beach, lucky you!! blessings, kathy

Janene said...

Jen~All I can say is WOW!
You found some great deals...and the fabric is breath takingly beautiful!
I'm so glad to hear you had a great trip!
Have a good week!

Deb said...

Houses are never complete. There is always something to add or some change to be made. I like all your acquisitions! Can't wait to see how you finish them!

Anonymous said...

I agree that our homes are never really complete...and yes we are addicted as there is always one more item that we just have to have.
Love the wood boxes...we have a Hobby Lobby about 10 minutes away, but I don't go in there as much as I use to because we now have a Crafts 2000 right across the street from them and I always seem to go there instead. Now that I've seen your boxes...I think that I just might need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. Can't wait to see what you do with your wood boxes!
Have a great week.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

What great finds! There is a Hobby Lobby opening near me and I can't wait! Really looking forward to seeing how you use everything. I also love wind chimes but my favorite is the sound a buoy bell makes and the rustier they get, the prettier they sound. You'd probably love one if you don't have one already!

Unknown said...

Holy Cow....What a haul!! Ask your husband when he'll quit tinkering with things.....not watch or listen to sports...he'll give ya the same look my Jim did and just shake his head. I guarantee he will not ask again. Jim learned early..he looks for stuff now. HeHe.
By the way I have been following your blog for a while now. So good. Hope you can pop in on me sometime.

Shakerwood said...

My house hasn't been complete in 24 years. I would rather think of it as a work in progress. We were supposed to go to MB the last weekend in March but had 3 other things that same weekend. The MB trip was 3rd on the list so we didn't go. Love the little "junky" places they have there!

Raggedy Angel said...

Men....they are sooooo silly! Beth